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E. M. Foster (Emma Foster)

"Don't Write about Man; Write about a Man" – E. B. White

Official Portfolio

Guest Posts

Newpages – Take a Journey with The Birdseed


Fevers of the Mind – 2 Poems by E. M. Foster


A Writer’s Path – 3 Tips for Writing When Overcome by Writer’s Block


Live Write Thrive – The Art of Becoming a Good Writer

MicrochapbookOrigami Poems

Isosceles Triangles


Buick (Ariel Chart)

Butterfly Me to the Moon (Nailpolish Stories)


In Stitches (Nailpolish Stories)


Crossed Circuits (50 Word Stories)


Junk Drawer (Writing in a Woman’s Voice)


Fairyland (Aurora Journal)


075 (The Drabble)


Brain Surgery (Sledgehammer Lit)


The Dollhouse (Six Sentences)

Two Pieces (Sour Cherry Mag)

Emerald (Paragraph Planet)

GIANT (A Story in 100 Words)


Patience (The Cedarville Review)

Crash (The Cedarville Review)


Chain Links (Voices of the Valley)


The Heroes, The Monsters, The End series of poems (Bluepepper)


The Life Giver (Voices of the Valley)


i never thought i would want to be fourteen again (Antiheroin Chic)


What I Felt After Being Diagnosed at 20 and Other Poems (Art of Autism)


Florida Eventide (Your Daily Poem)


After My Diagnosis: A Journey (Sanctuary Magazine)



Transcription – April 1895 Martha McMillan Journal

Autism, Writing, and the Love of God (Intersect)

Ki Book Club

Analysis of Sensations


Blue Ocean Strategy

Critique of Pure Reason

Jung and the Lost Gospels

Purple Cow

The Science of Success

Workout Motivation

Cedarville Review

2019 Issue

2020 Issue

2021 Issue

The Writer’s Workout

Description: The Building Blocks of Storytelling

ENSPIRE Magazine

Bottom Line Construction & Development and Youth Construct are Building in Harlem


The Word Slayers

Sentence Fragments: 6 Tips on Fixing Them

Dialogue Prompts: How to Use Them to Build Your Story

Spelling Out Numbers: Tips from Different Guides and Rules

Story Endings: Four Tips on Writing Memorable Ones

Blogging: Helpful Tips on Doing It Effectively

Alpha Readers: Tips on Finding and Working with Them

Verb Phrases: What They Are and how to Work with Them

Editing Your Story: Tips on Doing It from a New Perspective

Media Kits: Helpful Tips on Creating an Effective One

Book Marketing Plans: Tips on Creating a Comprehensive One

Writing Styles: Different Types, and How to Use Them

Line Editing: Helpful Tips to Perfecting the Process

Book Editing Software: Which One Is Best for You?

Traditional Publishing: What You Need to Know


Biolife Health Center – The Future of Health and Emerging Technologies

Unity for Equality

Wingless Dreamer

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